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Buy More Black Challenge

The Ultimate Guide to Leveraging Your Buying Power in 22 Days
Buy More Black for

The 2018 Buy More Black Challenge: The Ultimate Guide, is a FREE, online financial empowerment challenge created to help you step into buying Black-owned  and Black-made products and services while also assisting Black business growth in 22 days.

How the Buy More Black Challenge Works

Who?   You! Anyone is welcome to participate in this Challenge. Our desire is that thousands of people domestic and abroad will choose to kick off their lifestyle change of buying Black by signing up for the Buy More Black Challenge.

When?  Now! Sign up to BUY MORE BLACK here!

How?  During the Buy More Black Challenge: The Ultimate Guide, you will receive a daily task via email for a period of 22 days (3 weeks). Each simple task will help you to accomplish the following weekly goals:

Making the Switch

Before we begin shopping (the fun part), learn the seven step process that will make it much easier for you to start buying more Black products and services.

Become a Conscious Consumer

The tasks in this second week are all dedicated to conscious thought, racial justice and it’s impact on our money mindset and pocketbooks. Take the time to dig deeper into your purpose for becoming an intentional shopper.

Leveraging Your Buying Power

In week 3, I’ll show you how to make your money grow so that you can maximize your economic impact. This week is all about progressing from loyal fan to an influencer for Black owned Brands.

Making a Lifetime Commitment

This may start off as just a 22 day challenge for you, but my hope is that you’ll turn it into a lifestyle change. By the final day of the challenge, you’ll have all the tools you need to do just that!

Buy More Black Goal: We aim to teach you how to maximize your economic impact by intentionally purchasing and producing products and services from Black owned businesses.

The tasks will be delivered to you via email and my blog, The Mamie Taught Me Blog. As a member of the Challenge, you’ll be invited to a private group where other supportive individuals are there to hold you accountable, offer resources and provide encouragement throughout the Challenge and beyond.

Are you ready? Let’s make the switch to Buy More Black and rise together as a community via the Buy More Black Challenge!

Join Our Facebook Support Group

Thanks for your interest in the support group, Mamie Taught Me: BUY MORE BLACK. We are an awesome group of people that are collectively working toward a bringing economic revitalization back to the Black community together.

Please carefully read and answer the following questionnaire to insure that you understand our group guidelines.