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Welcome to Mamie Till Mobley Enterprise, Inc.

Mamie Till Mobley Enterprise, Inc. is here to guide today’s leaders in their journey to create more inclusive, safer worlds.


Mamie Till Mobley Enterprise, Inc.’s advocacy for social justice is at the core of our business. Without breaking it down, it might be challenging to draw the connections between the Emmett Till story and the importance, as it relates to business, of our other three areas of function: Inclusive Content Creation, Money Matters and Online Marketing. This comprehensive framework provides the theory and structure to guide you through our website and services.

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Table of Conents

> Why is social justice advocacy important to our business?

> Cold Case Justice

> What is Cold Case Justice?

> Cold Case Justice Advocacy


> What is a MWBE?

> MWBE Advocacy

> Inclusive content creation

> What is inclusive content creation

> Why does inclusive content creation matter?

> Some terms we use for inclusive content creation

 > Tools you can use

> Adapting your inclusive content strategy

> Money matters

> Some terms we use for making money online

> When you should monetize your platform

> Tools you can use

> Online marketing

> Some terms we use for Online Marketing

> What are the different types of Online Marketing we address

> Tools you can use

> Take action

Why Is Social Justice Advocacy Important To Our Business

In a way, Mamie’s decision to hold an open casket funeral for her son Emmett Till and the actions of those who have fought against hate since even before his death, can be seen as advocacy. And so, it is our commitment to continue this work of advocacy for social justice in the honor of those who have fought for the lives and improved conditions of communities of color, as well as those who have worked to keep peace and drive out hate.

Our commitment to advocacy for social justice is deepened with our efforts to build community resources through economic development with minority and women leadership.

Cold Case Justice

What is an Cold Case Justice?

Cold Case Justice is the term coined to address the movement seeking justice for unsolved crimes. Thousands of cases go swept under the rug because local law enforcement do not have the capacity to continue their investigations.

Cold Case Justice Advocacy

Mamie Till Mobley Enterprise, Inc. deepened its commitment to Cold Case Justice by launching the It’s Not Too Late for Justice Campaign. We are invested in continuing the legacy of justice work Mamie Till Mobley started for her son Emmett Till. Read more about our campaign and help us fight for cold case justice.


What is an MWBE?

MWBE stands for Minority and Women-Only Business Enterprises or Minority and Women-Only Entrepreneurs (we use the two interchangeably on this site and throughout our services). Minority is a common, but less inclusive term used to describe people of African, Latino, Asian and Native American (ALANA) heritage. Although ALANA is the term we’d prefer to use, there are many who are not yet familiar with this term.

MWBE Advocacy

Mamie Till Mobley Enterprise, Inc. advocates for MWBEs. MWBE strengthens the workforce in communities that historically have lacked resources and provides a pathway for generational wealth where there has been none. Mamie Till Mobley Enterprise, Inc. partners with agencies throughout the state and MWBE stakeholders to increase the opportunities for MWBE procurement and to build the capacity and sustainability of MWBE leadership. We provide services, not just to those who are certified with the state but a wide and expansive range of MWBEs from construction workers to seamstresses, from engineers to jewelry makers, landscapers to florists. Every MWBE should have a digital footprint. In a growing world of technology, it’s no longer an option if a business wants to be successful.

Mamie Till Mobley Enterprise, Inc. advocates for a safer internet and unbiased search engines. We already know that hate has has destroy people and communities in the real world. We will fight against cyberbullying and continue to hold platforms and their creators accountable fostering safe spaces on the internet. We understand that search engines were designed by humans and therefore make algorithmic decisions based on human errors and bias. We will continue to challenge internet bias and black hat SEO tactics that spread false news and keep MWBEs from raking fairly in Google’s search engine. We also encourage MWBEs and other internet users to produce more inclusive content to the worldwide web for greater indexing and computing.

Inclusive Content Creation

What is Inclusive Content Creation?

Inclusive Content Creation is simply content that is inclusive in language and design. People come to Mamie Till Mobley Enterprise, Inc. to learn how to be more inclusive in the work that they do. If you are looking to advance your skills in Graphic Design, Video Editing and Content Curation, we can help. If you are looking to build the cultural competency of your staff or students, invite Amberly to present a keynote address or to hold one of our diversity and inclusion trainings or workshops.

Tools you can use

Canva – a free graphic-design tool website, founded in 2012. It uses a drag-and-drop format and provides access to over a million photographs, graphics, and fonts. It is used by non-designers as well as professionals.

Adobe Creative Cloud (Adobe CC) – a set of applications and services from Adobe Systems that gives subscribers access to a collection of software used for graphic design, video editing, web development, photography, along with a set of mobile applications and also some optional cloud services.

Filmora – a simple video editor that ignites your stories, makes it fun to transform precious moments into stunning videos for sharing anywhere.

Creative Market – an online marketplace for community-generated design assets. The company sells graphics, WordPress themes, stock photography, and other digital goods for use by web creatives.

Money Matters

Money Matters needs no lengthy explanation. Mamie Till Mobley Enterprise, Inc. is teaching MWBEs how to earn money and expand their opportunities with their websites. Whether you are a for-purpose (non-profit) asking to receive donations or running a Sole Proprietorship, Partnership, LLC or Corporation where you’ll be setting up an online store, you can monetize your platform.

When you should monetize your platform

You should start the process of monetizing your platform straight away. The first stop is to create and nurture an email list. If you don’t have one, you can create a very simple email system provider in minutes. Try mailchimp!

Tools you can use

PayPal – the faster, safer way to send money, make an online payment, receive money or set up a merchant account.

Stripe – a technology company. Its software allows individuals and businesses to receive payments over the Internet. Stripe provides the technical, fraud prevention, and banking infrastructure required to operate on-line payment systems.

WooCommerce – an open source e-commerce plugin for WordPress. It is designed for small to large-sized online merchants using WordPress.

Online Marketing

Some terms we use for Online Marketing

Online Marketing – also called internet marketing or online advertising, is any tool, strategy or method of getting the company name out to the public.

Email Marketing – is the highly effective digital marketing strategy of sending emails to prospects and customers. Effective email marketing converts prospects into customers, and turns one-time buyers into loyal, raving fans.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) – the process of maximizing the number of visitors to a particular website by ensuring that the site appears high on the list of results returned by a search engine.

Social Media Marketing (SMM) – refers to the process of gaining traffic or attention through social media sites.

Content Marketing – a type of marketing that involves the creation and sharing of online material (such as videos, blogs, and social media posts) that does not explicitly promote a brand but is intended to stimulate interest in its products or services.

Affiliate Marketing – is the process of earning a commission by promoting other people’s (or company’s) products. You find a product you like, promote it to others and earn a piece of the profit for each sale that you make.

Pay-Per-Click Advertising (PPC) – is an internet advertising model used to direct traffic to websites, in which an advertiser pays a publisher (typically a website owner or a network of websites) when the ad is clicked.

Display Advertising – is a type of online advertising that comes in several forms, including banner ads, rich snippet ads and more. Unlike text-based ads, display advertising relies on elements such as images, audio and video to communicate an advertising message.

Tools you can use

Yoast – helps you with your website optimization, whether it be through our widely used SEO software or our online SEO courses: we’re here to help.

Moz – is a software as a service company based in Seattle that sells inbound marketing and marketing analytics software subscriptions.

Hootsuite – is a social media management platform, created by Ryan Holmes in 2008. The system’s user interface takes the form of a dashboard, and supports social network integrations for Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Google+ and YouTube.

SmarterQueue – saves you hours when scheduling your social updates, and makes sure your posts get noticed, helping you grow your business the easy way.

Take Action

Step 1: Educate

Do your own research and then educate others about the current policies and problems affecting your community. Read more about the It’s Not Too Late For Justice Campaign for #ColdCaseJustice.

Step 2: Evaluate

Examine your own mission and goals. Question whether current organizations and programs you are involve in, advocate and address problems or support communities you care about. If not, how can you implement advocacy for social justice in your life and business?

Step 3: Collaborate

Once you’ve done your research, you should find and connect to a larger network. Work in coalitions with groups whose philosophy and goals align with yours. Combine your resources and together you will better be equipped to go up against more powerful groups and entities.

Creating change can be just that simple!