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It’s Not Too Late for Justice Campaign

#ColdCaseJustice Quote John Lewis

“It was Dr. King who said the time is always right to do what is right. We can never heal from the injuries of the past by sweeping hundreds of crimes under the rug. We have an obligation, a mission, and a mandate to continue the effort required to wash away these stains on our democracy,” – Rep. John Lewis

It's not too late for justice... Join the #ColdCaseJustice Movement!

Congress passed the Emmett Till Unsolved Civil Rights Crimes Reauthorization Act of 2016 (S.2854/H.R.5067) on Saturday December 10th, 2016. One of the most important provisions of the bill requires the FBI and the Department of Justice to collaborate with nongovernmental entities such as universities, civil rights organizations, and individuals who have been independently investigating cold case crimes from the Civil Rights era.

The original Till Bill was never fully funded or completely executed. That can’t can’t happen with Till Bill 2. It is vital that society learns what really happened so that we can began to confront America’s past. Time is of the essence and the era for solving Civil Rights crimes of the 50’s and 60’s is drawing to a close.

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It’s not too late for justice, but there are thousands of families suffering in silence. They either won’t share their stories out of shame or simply don’t have a platform to do so. Help them bring their stories forward.

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Know something about someone who disappeared or was violently murdered during the Civil Rights era? It’s not too late for justice. To share your cold case story w/ @mamietaughtme click here.


We are coming together and organizing actions across the country to hold the FBI and DOJ accountable to the mandate with public hearings. We are demanding a full accounting of all the people who were kidnapped or were killed during the Civil Rights era. Click here to learn about our volunteer opportunities.


We are taking action towards identifying eligible cold cases that need to be investigated and righting the wrongs of America’s racist past before time is up. We urgently need resources to support all of these efforts. Click the button below to make a contribution.

It’s Not Too Late For Justice Campaign for #ColdCaseJustice

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