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Why Your Memorial Foundation Is Struggling

When people come to me and ask for advice to start or grow their memorial foundations, I find they are usually held back by three very basic things. And just so we’re clear, these are three things every brand needs to thrive in the online space. So the fact that these topics are brought up in FAQs (frequently asked questions) in my business, tells me that this information isn’t being shared as often as you’d think on the internet. Keep reading, I’ll share what those 3 big mistakes are and give you tips on how to stop struggling and overcome these challenges so that you can boost your memorial foundation brand’s impact.

How to Start Your Memorial Foundation With No Money

How would you like to finally start your memorial foundation in honor of your loved one? Have you been putting it off because you don’t have the funds or you don’t know how to raise the money to get your 501(c)3? Perhaps you’re worried you will become one of the 30% of new businesses that fail during the first two years of being open, or worst, that you’ll never even get to launch. That doesn’t have to be your story.

Foundation Donors, Which Marketing Channel Is Your Best Source?

You’re ready to turn your pain into purpose by starting a memorial foundation, but how do you began to market your message? Do you know where your foundation donors are? How do you reach them and let them know you are on a mission to spark change?

Why rewriting your reality is helpful for reaching your memorial foundation goals

Rewriting Your Reality

Running a memorial foundation is and will be very hard work. There is no doubt about it that you’ll have some times when you will feel drained and tired and others where you’ll feel more motivated.  Are you really prepared for all that you will need to give of yourself to run a charitable business.

I’m Ready to Speak, Now What Do I Say And How Do I Say It

A component of owning a memorial foundation is being asked to speak for events, press conferences and in meetings. When you first lose a loved one that may not be something you feel comfortable doing just yet. You may be okay with speaking one on one but public speaking is most people’s number one fear.

How Do You Keep Track Of All Your Important Contacts?

Traveling and meeting other families or advocates will help grow your memorial foundation, but keep up with all the important contacts can be challenging. Your memorial foundation is only as strong as it’s network. To avoid wasting time and money, you’ll want to keep track of all your important contacts.

Rituals for Public Speaking: How To Prep For A Speaking Engagement

Giving a speech can be terrifying, especially if you have to do it publicly. I started telling my story aloud after my cousin Mamie died, but she used to have me practice public speaking as a little girl.  As a child, my mother used to bring me over to Mamie’s home in Chatham, IL to spend time with her. In that time she would teach me poems. Over time I developed speaking rituals. Speaker rituals are the intentional behaviors or thoughts that you engage prior to starting your speech to ensure optimal success. Your speaker rituals will be unique to you and help you reach your desired outcomes.

Start Your Memorial Foundation Financially Stable

Many times memorial foundations are started by family members who truly want to make a difference and see change in their community. They get together a few people and host events that commemorate their deceased loved one. Often times, they don’t already have a savings built up for a new business. In fact, they probably weren’t planning to start a memorial foundation when they planned their first event, but it somehow developed into something large than themselves.