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Mamie Till Mobley Enterprise, Inc. -- We offer communication tools, strategic solutions and thoughtfully curated content throughout this website for families in the Movement for Black Lives who are actively fighting for justice, but feel stuck, abandoned and/or overwhelmed trying to run their memorial foundations and non-profit organizations.

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Broke Black Bougie w/ Charlisa Goodlet

Race and social economic status are not married, but are often engaged. Hear what the founder of the blog Broke Black Bougie, Charlisa “Charlie” Goodlet has to say about living with less others but learning not to feel lesser than anyone around you.

What You Will Learn...

  • How to create good energy when you feel broke
  • The difference between being broke and being broken
  • What you can give to others when you feel you have nothing of value

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Black SAPs, Don’t Fear Being Fired, Expect It!

The Alt-Right hosted their “Unite the Right” rally on the campus of UVA last night and the first post I saw on Facebook about it was in the Black SAP fb group. Comments implied that the onus should be on Black staff to ensure the safety of Black students in the wake fearless comments and actions by White Nationalists who have been compared to Hitler-loving Nazis. There were concerns brought up about what the Black staff would do to create a welcoming environment. A few chimed in adding that they were waiting to hear how the university would offer support to Black staff who are also experiencing fear, anger and utter disgust for the “unlawful assembly”. To my Higher Education colleagues across the states, this is my open letter to you. Please know, that there will be more than a few fires this year based on how we as people of color respond to White supremacy on these campuses. Are you prepared? Are you worried about being fired for speaking out against the Alt-Right?